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Steve Kraus


TMD Courses

The profession of Physical Therapy has matured into specialized fields of practice in a manner similar to that of medicine and dentistry. One specialized field in physical therapy is the evaluation and treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Steve Kraus PT has specialized in the field of TMD for over 43 years. This website will advance the education, skills and treatment of TMD, cervical, headache, and facial pain for interested patients and healthcare providers.

  • Steve Kraus PT offers a TMD course that provides an evidence-based approach to the evaluation and management of TMD. To “Register for a “TMD Course taught by Steve Kraus”, click here.
  • To “Host a TMD Course taught by Steve Kraus”, click here.
  • Steve Kraus PT has established the “Kraus TMD Network”. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the network consists of physical therapists that have obtained additional knowledge and skills in the management of TMD, cervical, headache, and facial pain. For more information on the Kraus TMD Network, patients, dentists, oral surgeons and physicians can click here.

Looking for a physical therapist outside Georgia for the treatment of TMD? Patients and healthcare providers can go to Physical Therapy Board of Craniofacial and Cervical Therapeutics: Member Directory