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Thank you for providing an excellent course!! SS

I enjoyed the course; it has changed the way I will treat TMJ patients. Thank you. HB

I just want to tell you what an exceptional teaching and training course you made. I enjoyed every module and only regretted the fact that I could not return to it to review the articles and your priceless information after the 30 days. I would buy it if ever you decide to sell videos of it. I will be sending an email to all my colleagues at XX University to highly recommend your course to them. It should be made mandatory for all therapists, but especially those who treat TMD. Thank you for an exceptional course. TD

I loved how myogenous and arthrogenous disorders were broken down. Very effective. JL

Thank you very much for your excellent course. KM

This course was extremely informative and will allow me to feel confident treating TMD patients. ED

Thank you so much for the informative course. You organized everything in an easy way to understand and went over the most important parts multiple times. I have had some success already using the “wiggle” and a few of your other techniques that I had not been using with my patients over the past few years. Thank You. JT

Thank you for a well-presented course! PD

I learned about your course while speaking with Dr JM at the AAOP conference in April. Thank you-your course gave me the rest of the review/new info that I didn’t get at the AAOP seminars. CK

I enjoyed your course very much, it illuminated many dark spots in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD and cured me of some beliefs that were just that, beliefs. Have a great day and thank you again. JT

Overall, very informative and helpful. AN

The course was very beneficial for me, I really appreciated clinical tips coming from your long experience. I especially liked recommendations about marketing, it is something I would like to do in my community too, but I find It to be very difficult for me to establish collaboration with dentists. I will try to use your suggestions for sure, it is great to listen a colleague that has worked with so many TMD patients in his career! Thank your very much! DS

Thanks Steve! The course was very good. One of the best online courses I’ve done. I got a lot out of it. MV

I am writing in regards to your wonderful TMD course. Thank you so much for creating this course – I learned so much from your expertise and clinical pearls. I am so thankful for your course- I have been treating TMJ for about 5-6 years now. After your course this past week, I was able to confidently treat someone with ADDwo R and very limited opening to achieve ADDwR and she gained functional opening. Prior to taking your course, I would not have had the confidence to explain to the patient why she now had a click now and did not before. My patient said “this felt like the best thing any one has done for my jaw” amongst her TMD Dentist specialist and chiropractor who had both been treating her TMD symptoms. Thank you so very much! I learned so much! I would love for the APTA to recognize TMJ/Orofacial pain as a subspecialty of Ortho. I would absolutely seek a subspecialty certification under my OCS for TMD/Orofacial pain if it was governed by the APTA. KP

Great Course. SK

The course was very informative and beneficial to me. Lots of information to continue to process and apply to patients. AO

I really enjoyed the course! It was very well organized and presented well ☺️. I will definitely add it to the list for training with my therapists. JJ

Thanks for a great course. CS

I think for this content the online course organized in modules is perfect, probably better than a 2 day on site course. I would recommend it to be taken prior to any other TMD course. It is extremely well organized with high quality visual aides and a great handout that can be printed at home for future reference. But above all, the instruction comes from an unquestionable expert in the field, with thorough knowledge of research and years of clinical experience. Steve presents the material in easy to understand, clear fashion and is able to de-mystify TMD for people with no previous knowledge and experience with TMJ. I am glad I came across this course and I could not recommend it more. PK

Excellent course. I wish I could still have access to the videos for future reference. Thanks for the great course. I am currently a 3rd year DPT student at University of XX. AS

Case studies and/or examples of treatment progressions or responses to snags in those progressions. TS

This course is well-organized and thoroughly evidence-based. The videos with Dr. Tanaka, specifically, were the ones that had some difficulty buffering (but they were fantastic to see). I enjoyed the freedom of the online course; however, I believe it would be beneficial to allow longer access to the content. DC

Started the class this weekend and LOVE IT! Outstanding! It truly was an excellent class thank you! JG

I really enjoyed your class! After 10 years of practicing, I really want to pursue the CCTT. Thank you for such a great course. MY

This course was excellent. It is incredibly rich and full of information. Will recommend your course to anyone who asks without reservation. KC

Thank you, Steve. I really appreciate it more now than I did back in 2016 towards the beginning of my career. Especially with the addition of Cervical Spine Considerations. MR
Case studies and/or examples of treatment progressions or responses to snags in those progressions. TS

I just started working with an oral surgeon who really wants to promote PT as the first referral for any jaw pain, so it seems I will be talking on this topic quite a bit soon if all goes well. All the better to have more in my arsenal! EF

Yes, the course was very good. I found what most people make very complicated, you were able to simplify. I feel more confident treating TMD now. DR

I am treating TMD patients in the community and your knowledge and coursework has been invaluable in understanding the pathology and in guiding treatment. I so appreciate your knowledge and ability to teach on this topic. This course was extremely informative, practical, and up to date. Thank you for equipping me with the knowledge to better treat TMD in my community. KD

Your course was very helpful, so organized. The information is helping me organize my treatment plan and approaches to patient care. I really appreciated the appliance information-I was struggling with that. BS

Very helpful course. Very well organized and presented. I really enjoyed the course. Very informative and will be super helpful for treating patients. Best course I have taken on TMD. Thank you! JC

Steve – I loved this course!!!!! you really explained so many things I have been confused about with disc mechanics. I had know idea of the medical management side/surgeries options and Oral Appliance guidance. I will recommend this to anyone who is interested in TMD. I really appreciated your availability for questions via email. Also- thank you so much for including your documentation eval templates and all of the research referenced – I really feel ready to eval/tx TMD. Thank you for taking the time to make this such a comprehensible course! Please teach more online courses. GM

Excellent. EC

The course was incredibly helpful in a concise and digestible manner. I also appreciated the advice for networking with local dentists. CP

I enjoyed the course and am excited to be able to utilize it in my practice. DL

I really want to thank for this gorgeous content. It was my first time to get so deep in TMJ. I would like to know if you have any extra courses lectured by you in any other area even. SM

You were very helpful, and I enjoyed taking the course. Thank you. I’m a hygienist not a physical therapist. I do believe though that there needs to be a place for those patients to go instead of being tossed around to so many places with not many answers or relief. AM

Very well organized and presented. I was busy in the last a few days preparing a presentation for a team of dentists in R—, B—. MB

Fantastic course Steve BW

Excellent course. I wish it was available for 60 days in case we need to review the videos. But the handout should work well. It was a very informative class, and I am finding it very beneficial to my current outpatient orthopedic practice where I am seeing majority of our facility’s TMJ PT referrals. Thank you! PS

The information was easy to understand and apply even virtually. The videos were easy to access and watch HW

I very much enjoyed the course. I have not had a lot of experience yet with TMD rehab ( I am less than two years graduated from PT school) although my long-time girlfriend’s twin siblings and father are dentists in the area, and I am hoping to get referrals more from them going forward and showing them the value PT can have for the TMD population. KM

This course was very dense and very rich. Really well planned out! Your content is wonderful and has been very helpful in my practice! Thank you for creating! MM

The course was definitely beneficial and I’m looking forward to incorporating what I learned into my practice LD

I had recently purchased your course on TMD and loved the content and flow thoroughly. You have explained everything in so much detail with good examples, pictures and videos. Yes the course is just Awesome! Getting results and better understanding on DD of headaches, ringing in ears, etc. I have few patients who had chronic problem of ringing in ears and with TMJ treatment, they have shown disappearance of the annoying sound! The results are so much satisfactory for me and my patients both! AG

Thank You! BL

The course was fantastic! I had actually waited for while wanting to take your course per recommendation of my mentor so I was glad I was able to do it virtually while I was on medical leave! I utilize the information often as a big portion of my caseload has TMD related issues! AB

Thank you for this course, I found a lot of useful information. AO

I love the course. The information and format is very comprehensive and easy to follow. I’ll tell everyone I know locally, and I have quite PT’s following me on Facebook and Instagram, so I’ll put up a post to let more clinicians know. RK

I thought this course was great. I found this information very helpful and practical to apply to my practice. MM

Thank you for a wonderfully presented and comprehensive course. It is very difficult to do online, and I feel that it was extremely successful and helpful in my preparations for taking the CCTT board exam. MB

I appreciate such a great CEU! I’ve been treating a lot of TMJ disorders, and have been going just based off the basics learned in my DPT program, and this course is really helping me get a deeper understanding AF

Fantastic course, thank you so much! DB

Thank you so much for all your contributions, your work in the field of TMJ is extraordinary. I really enjoyed your course, very well done. Very informative. I really liked the section where you detailed treatment options, very well detailed and helpful in the clinical setting. TD

I did find your TMD very informative, and plan on beginning to treat TMD patients too SS

As a dental hygienist I have been interested in learning more about TMD so as to guide patients for proper treatment. I would not be seeking certification as a physical therapist but do want to offer direction and referral for the more involved treatment that PT offers within the scope of my services. JH

Your course was very helpful and informative. SL

It was a very informative course and I appreciate the time that must’ve went in to creating it. BM

Amazing course! Thank you! I took your online course earlier this year. It has greatly helped my ability to network with dentists in the area! I spoke at my first dental study club a couple of months ago and have shadowed and connected with a couple of providers in the area. Thank you for your guidance on this subject! RS

Thanks for a great course! BJ

Good informative course. I learned a lot and am grateful for the information as I have seen more TMJ patients this past year than ever before! I am excited to put my new knowledge into practice. GJ

Great, thank you Steve! Course has already been helpful with patients I’m working with! JD

This course was great! I enjoyed the flow of the course, especially. I needed a review of the anatomy. The information on disc displacements and oral appliances was especially helpful. Lastly, I enjoyed the tidbits on marketing. I feel more comfortable approaching that! DF

Steve, Thanks for the course very informative, enjoyed and should help in the clinic! SL

Good morning, Steve, I completed your course last week. This was very informative and helpful to improve my understanding of the TMJ and improvement in patient outcomes. Do you have an evaluation form that I could model my new evaluations after? BB

I learned so much from this course. Thank you. AM

This was a spectacular course and Steve was a phenomenal instructor. Thank you for doing an excellent job with this. SG

Thank you for the thorough course! DM

I enjoyed the course; it has changed the way I will treat TMJ patients. Thank you. HB

Thank you, this course was excellent SV

Very well organized with immediate clinical application. I greatly appreciated the patient videos reinforcing the subject at hand. MR

Great course, thank you! EF

Would you be willing to do a virtual (or in person) lunch and learn for my office? Four Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in orofacial myology. CP

Excellent course. MS