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Steve Kraus


Hosting a TMD Course

Hosting a course is easy and provides several advantages to the host. Host saves travel related expenses for their therapists and if the minimum number of 15 paying participants is achieved, the host can send one therapist from their facility free.

Host’s Responsibilities

  1. Host site needs to accommodate a minimum of 16 participants (15 paying participants and 1 free participant)
  2. Room set up in a class room style arrangement with folding tables or treatment tables that will sit 2 participants per table. Tables can be used for both lecture and lab. One pillow/table
  3. Controlled lighting during the lecture portion of the course. Windows that do not have curtains or shades must be covered.
  4. Audio video requirements
    1. One projector white screen a minimum of 6 feet by 6 feet. A smooth white wall is satisfactory (no colored or textured wall).
    2. One flip chart or white board with 2 color pens
  5. Refreshments provided during registration, AM and PM breaks.
  6. To help achieve the minimum number of paying participants, host is asked to email, fax or mail a flyer to local therapists in outpatient and hospital based practices. A course flyer will be provided to the host.

For hosting the course, the host can have participants attend at no cost based on the following:

  • 15 paying participants – host can send one (1) participant free
  • 20 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free
  • 25 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free
  • 30 paying participants – host can send one (1) additional participant free

Maximum number of attending therapist is 34
(30 paying and 4 free participants)

To be a host, please Click here to submit a “Hosting a TMD Course Form”

After submitting the form, Steve Kraus will contact you to see if there are any questions. A course date (Saturday and Sunday) will be agreed to by Steve Kraus and Host.

Steve Kraus / Horizon Physical Therapy will be responsible for the following:

  • All travel, room and board for Steve Kraus
  • Certifications for the participants
  • Printing and shipping of course handouts to host site
  • Registration of participants
  • Intraoral examination gloves
  • If needed, CEU approval and associated cost will be obtained thru the host’s state physical therapy association.